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Yamuna Body Rolling™

For Bone Health, Muscle Relaxation and Pliability, and Overall Health

You Can Make Long-Term Improvements in Your Physical Health With These Simple Balls

yamuna rolling balls

Yamuna Body Rolling . . .

  • Cares for shoulder and back problems
  • Improves your bone health
  • Enhances your flexibility and balance
  • Makes your muscles and connective tissue more pliable, and
  • Let’s you do self-myofascial release
  • Helps you take care of yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Do you find your shoulders slouching forward?

Maybe you suffer chronic shoulder, neck, or back pain?

Have you broken a bone that has healed but can use some extra support as the years have passed by?

Looking for a mild weight-bearing exercise to increase your bone health?

Do you lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle?

Maybe you’re a serious athlete wanting to improve the pliability of your muscles and connective tissue?

Would you like to care for yourself in the comfort of your own home or office? Even when you are traveling?

Yes. Your bones, muscles and connective tissue could benefit from the stretching and weight-bearing benefits of Yamuna Body Rolling™.

An Excellent Way to Treat Chronic Back and Shoulder Issues

According to the American Chiropractic Association back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide. The ACA states that every year half of all working Americans admit to having back pain.

The National Institutes of Health shares research that finds "According to population surveys, shoulder pain affects 18-26% of adults at any point in time, making it one of the most common regional pain syndromes."

Learning how to care for your back and shoulders with Yamuna rolling can improve their flexibility and alignment. How?

Consider, for example, the psoas muscle. This muscle wraps from the front of the pelvis around to the back of the hips and spinal column. Rolling on the front of your lower abdomen can relax and lengthen the psoas muscle from its point of origin. Roll onto one side of the hip. This simple movement relieves the muscle’s pull on the lower vertebrae of your spinal column. Roll to the other side of your hip to keep the muscle in equilibrium.

A Powerful, Gentle Exercise and Treatment for Bone and Muscle Health

The Yamuna Body Rolling™ is a gentle and powerful exercise and therapy. It improves your bones, muscles, and connective tissue health. Check out this page to see more details. As it relaxes bound up fascia, it also improves your organ health and nervous system.

This therapy can be learned in just a few visits with Ann, who happens to be one of only two certified Yamuna Body Rolling™ teachers in Nebraska, and the only one within a two hour drive of Omaha. Then, you can "roll" at your convenience, in the comfort of your home.

The Yamuna Body Rolling™ balls pack easily. You can take them along with you when you travel for work or pleasure.

How Do I "Roll"?

Check out this video to see the initial technique in Yamuna Body Rolling.

There is so much more! In addition to Yamuna™ Body Rolling, Ann is certified in

  • Yamuna™ Foot Fitness
  • Yamuna™ Table Treatment
  • In Bed with Yamuna™, and
  • Yamuna™ Save Your Shoulders

Yamuna™ Foot Fitness
These specially made Yamuna™ forms have helped people Plantar Fasciitis, Hammer Toe, Bunions, Morton’s Neuroma. It is a valuable tool for keeping feet healthy—and therefore, according to Eastern medicine, much of your body.

Yamuna™ Table Treatment
We are able to do Yamuna™ Body Rolling on our own, but sometimes it helps to have Ann use the balls on her massage table. She can put them exactly where they need to be and help people get the greatest benefit. She may add some slow movements or massage to help the treatment be most effective.

In Bed With Yamuna™
The Yamuna™ balls can be used easily in your own bed. Your mattress will absorb some of the pressure so it is typically a gentler experience. You can even fall asleep while resting on the Yamuna™ ball. When you awaken in the night, just move the ball to the other side, and fall back to sleep.

Yamuna™ Save Your Shoulders
People often hold our stress in their shoulders and upper back. Sitting at the computer or putting in hours behind the steering wheel tightens up the muscles in the upper body. As we age, our shoulders slouch forward. With Yamuna™ Save Your Shoulders, people learn how to relax the muscles and fascia in the upper body. Posture improves. It creates space in the shoulder joints so shoulders are lifted and opened up.

It is best to have direct lessons from her or a Yamuna table session to discover where your body has particular needs. Oftentimes, Ann will then send you home with "homework" for a particular area that is tight or painful.

After you have met with Ann and gotten familiar with the process, Dianne Glass, Ann’s primary Yamuna teacher, has a website you can subscribe to. You might choose just a month’s subscription to work on any area of your body.

This is a fascinating and powerful therapy. You will likely notice immediate results. If this interests you, book an appointment with Ann and click on Yamuna Body Rolling™ as the service you would like.

What Is the Science Behind This Treatment?

The Yamuna Balls™ were created by Yamuna Zake, a teacher of body sustainability. You can read her blog here. She has studied the body in its intricacy and found the power of these different size balls for improving health.

Satoshi Suzuki, in his article in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science,* noted,

"In order to treat physical problems, using the YBR balls, people can target superficial skin, fasciae, muscle fibers, tendons, ligaments, bones, internal organs, and the nervous system by themselves. The unique method has aspects of both exercise and treatment. Leading individual body parts to their accurate positions, YBR makes necessary space in the body, increases circulation, and improves range of motion."

Additionally, he observed traditional stretching has only a longitudinal lengthening of the muscle tissue, leaving some of the muscle unaffected. In contrast, Yamuna Body Rolling™ is a multidimensional stretch. Suzuki stated it "is the most complete form of stretching because it can directly and evenly stimulate tendons and muscle fibers, increasing movement through the entire muscle."

The Importance of Muscle Pliability

Future NFL Hall of Famer, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, promotes the science of "muscle pliability." His system has some similarities to the work of Yamuna Body Rolling™. He, too, addresses the importance of the multidimensional work to improve pliability. It is not just the simple stretching muscles and connective tissue lengthwise like you might have learned in gym class.

As he wrote in his book, The TB12 Method, "We’re all born with natural pliability—and strength. When we’re in our teens, we begin strengthening and conditioning to balance our natural scale. By our mid-twenties, we’ve begun to lose our natural pliability. But believing that strength is what helped us achieve our goals, we strengthen even more. In fact, what we need to help restore our natural balance is pliability."*

How does improved pliability improve bone and muscle health? Do your fascia and ligaments and tendons really need it?

Consider this analogy:

When a branch of a tree is strong and pliable, it can withstand a forceful impact without breaking.

But, when the branch becomes brittle, it is vulnerable and can easily break. YBR helps offset the body’s natural tendency toward losing its pliability.

What Do the Yamuna Balls™ Look Like?

There are several sizes of balls to choose from. The larger the ball, the gentler the pressure on your body. There are a variety of routines to do which benefit the whole body, from head to foot. You control how much pressure there is by controlling how much of your weight you put on the ball. Breathing deeply as you move aids relaxation and helps you sink deeper into the tissue.

yamuna rolling balls

Does Yamuna Body Rolling™ sound like a therapy your body needs? If you have any questions, please call Ann at 402.650.9311 or email her at getcst369@gmail.com. To schedule a private or duo lesson, fill out the form on the right side of this page or go to Vagaro.com.

*The TB12 Method by Tom Brady. Simon & Schuster. 2017. p 52.

Content written by Carmala Aderman.

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