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ReTensioning® can help to improve your movement and function

ReTensioning® helps restore the balance between rest and activity throughout the body

You're relaxing after a busy day, sitting on the couch, and realize how stiff your shoulders are.

Or, you stand up after sitting for a while. You ache and limp a bit as your hips loosen up. But, weren't you just resting? Why are they stiff?

Muscles attach to your joints—muscles you use to move the bones which meet at the joints. But, as you've certainly experienced, muscles tighten up. Sometimes they stay that way.

Stress. Injury. Over-activity. Habitual movements. They teach your muscles to stay contracted, as if they always have to work, they have to constantly "be on."

How do you teach those muscles to relax when it is time to relax?


ReTensioning® helps restore the balance between rest and activity throughout the body.

The position of the joints themselves in part drive the attached muscles to stay tight. When the joints get even slightly out of alignment the muscles cannot relax like they are meant to. The goal in ReTensioning® is to help joints recognize again where their "mechanical neutral" location is. Their best alignment. One advantage? When joints move from their most accurate alignment, they move more efficiently and with much less risk of damage to them. A second advantage? The connected muscles learn to fully relax when it's time to relax and work more efficiently when it's time to move.

ReTensioning® is an integrative technique to rebalance the forces of the muscles pulling things together with the forces of the bones holding things apart. This dynamic balance of the bones and soft tissues creates the shape of our bodies and controls the way in which we can move. ReTensioning® changes this balance by using gentle movements and precise positioning to enable clients to reset their muscular activity at rest and in motion. The result is that clients rest more fully and have more energy, less joint strain, and move more easily when doing activities.

ReTensioning® is a technique developed by Omaha physical therapist, John Macy. It is an indirect, neurological reeducation technique that uses the client's nervous system to make changes in the tissues and the forces inside their body teaching the muscle connections to relax. ReTensioning® helps the muscles working the joints relearn how to relax when it is time to relax. Then they tighten to create movement when it is time to move. When the movement is done, they relax again rather than stay tense for activity that is not happening.

Ann has learned and is certified in the ReTensioning® technique and currently assists John Macy, PT in his ReTensioning® workshops.

If you would like a session specifically for ReTensioning™ please make an appointment with Ann at Vagaro.com. If you have any questions, please call Ann at 402.718.1337 or email her at getcst369@gmail.com.

It is also a choice to incorporate ReTensioning® into a regular massage session. Just talk to Ann about how it fits your particular needs that day.

Content written by Carmala Aderman.

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