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Your Chronic Pain is Particular to You. You Deserve a Therapist Who Treats You That Way.

You Might Want A Familiar Massage. You Might Need Something Different.

Massage? Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy? Yamuna Body Rolling?

This is what I know. Your chronic pain is different than somebody else's. Your body and life experiences are different than mine . . . or your neighbor's . . . or your best friend's. The life energy surging through you runs on its own frequency and gets stuck in different places that anyone else. How we help relieve that pain depends on your particular situation.

You are unique. The blend of therapies that work for you is different than it will be for someone else. Your path toward health is particular to you.

People do not have to suffer from ongoing pain. Our bodies can loosen up and move more freely. We can improve balance and posture and flexibility. The emotional pain our bodies hold onto can be released.

What Are Some Therapies You Can Access?

Please take your time exploring these options. If you have any questions, please call me at 402.650.9311 or email me at getcst369@gmail.com. Would you like to schedule an appointment? Fill out the form on the right side of this page or go to Vagaro.com.

I hope our paths cross and I might get to know you and your life's unfolding experience.

"Who Are You?"
I am your friend and closest partner.
I am the truth-teller. I witness to you
your unknown self. I am the faithful
messenger and recorder of your
memories, your powers, your
hurts, your needs, your limits. . . .

. . . Together, in passionate unity,
we will become
the fully alive human being.*

*(Flora Slosson Wuellner is a United Church of Christ pastor. She is more commonly known as a respected retreat leader, author, and witness to the healing power of the spirit and body. I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from a poem in her book, Prayer to my Bodily Self.)

Content written by Carmala Aderman.

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